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Justin Dorazio

"I found Granite Ledge Kennels on Facebook in 2019 as I was researching the Pudelpointer breed. I am an avid hunter but wanted to get more involved with bird hunting. I messaged Chris online about his upcoming litter bc I live in PA and he was quick to respond with contact info. I had several phone conversations with him about his pups, what I wanted my dog to look like and my goals. Based on his knowledge a pup was chosen pics were sent and he was shipped to me in June of 2019. One year later I could not be anymore happy with my dog Jake. He is smart,has drive and likes swimming and training. I cannot wait for his first hunt this upcoming season. Thank you Chris"

Submitted 05/11/2020

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James Rodebaugh

"I picked up my pudelpointer pup on Feb 9th, great looking place, dogs all in good condition and clean, all looked fit and well cared for. Gus ( the male I picked up) is growing like a weed. he has nice tight eyes good bite, and is developing a great coat. already getting " Birdy" on our walks. I've been around pudelpointers since about 1967...52 years. always got my dogs from my uncle Bodo, after he passed, I looked for a breeder that had dogs that had the longer leaner look I had seen in the early pudelpointers. Gus fits the bill to a "T" he also is incredibly smart and has a ton of drive, you can bring a hard going dog in but you can't kick a bootlicker out...he's no boot licker thank God."

Submitted 03/01/2020

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Tracy Kuehnel

"Chris did a great job training our dog Izzy!! I would recommend Chris and Granite Ledge!!"

Submitted 12/31/2020

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Sara Schmitz

"My husband and I would very much recommend Chris to get your dogs from or have train. We were looking for a hunting dog for my husband but also had to be great with babies/kids. This was our first dog specifically for hunting (although not our first dog) and he gave us lots of ideas to help train Cody to be just that. Chris spent time listening to what we were looking for in a puppy and recommended ideas to help us out! We never felt rushed or pushed into making a decision. He is very knowledgeable and worth the drive we made to get our extremely loving puppy, Cody!"

Submitted 12/30/2019

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Sean McClellan

"We have had Dakota for about 8 months and have been beyond satisfied with her. When looking for a dog my girlfriend and I wanted a house companion that could relax in the home and run all day out in the field. Dakota fits this description perfectly. Dakota has natural pointing and retrieving abilities and truly loves hunting pheasants. When looking for our next dog we will look none other than Granite Ledge Kennels. Chris has been very professional and responsive and even gave us some tips during Dakota's first few months."

Submitted 02/03/2018

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Andrew Bloom

"I just got to take my dog Duke out in the field and was very impressed! Chris did a phenomenal job with my dog! I first took my dog to see Chris at 4 months to check out my pup. We then got together again at 6 months and started my pups training. I was looking for my dog to be more of an upland hunting dog. Chris trained him to be able to retrieve birds in the field and also in the water. The day I picked him up Chris showed me all of the training that he had done with my dog. He also gave me pointers and walked me through the training and how to keep it up with my dog for years to come. I would refer anyone to Chris that is looking for trainer. Whether it’s just for obedience or gun dog training, Chris is very personable and friendly."

Submitted 10/14/2017

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Melissa Beaty

"Just got our dog Odin back. Chris did such an amazing job. We sent him for mostly just duck hunting. Before Odin left he would just look at you if you threw a duck. Now he brings them to us, to go work. I would recommend chris to anyone. He answered any questions we had, walked us through what we need to do to keep up Odins drive. And if we ever have any questions in the future to always call him back. If your looking for someone that cares about the animals and there people this is the place. Also I've never seen a place so clean. He takes excellent care of the animals."

Submitted 12/20/2016

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Nichol Krisak

"Best place to bring your dog from obedience to gun dog training! I brought Riley to Chris and now I have an awesome hunting dog that is very obedient and can retreive using hand signals. I wouldn't bring Riley anywhere else!"

Submitted 10/02/2016

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Gary Matteson

"I had Rocky in for 2 months of training last year and had great results first hunting season! I really watached Rocky develop over the season, and was confident in handling him. Chris does a phenomenal job with the dogs and is very patient with the owners too! really takes his time to explain how to handle the dog, what to do right, what not to do, and what to work on. I just Rocky in for a week long tune-up & "reward" and plan to bring him in for a couple weeks this September. I expect great things out of Rocky this fall! Thanks Chris!"

Submitted 06/15/2016

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Jim Bebo

"I couldn't be happier with my black lab Willie and working with Chris has been great and he has taught me many handling skills that I have been able to use it the field!"

Submitted 01/22/2016

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